Getting Started

I am a freelance writer. I am officially declaring it. I love words, writing, reading and listening, and like so many other people, am not finding fulfillment in my current job. I started thinking one day, why not write? I like to do it for personal reasons, why not for professional ones? I have things to say, and I like to share information, so what’s stopping me from doing this full time?

I was. I was stopping me. Fear, anxiety, all the emotions that you would expect. I was letting them win. But after all the research into freelancing and all the lists I’ve made and all the conversations I’ve had with others, those feelings aren’t going away, and so it’s time to just let go and get started.

I’m not going to sign up for a content mill just yet. I want to try establishing my own client base first. It helps that I already have a full time job and so am not reliant on just paid writing assignments in order to make ends meet. I think this will allow me to focus on what I am most interested in writing about, and publications I am most excited to write for.

Wishing myself luck!


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