Ready, Set, Go?

I signed up for an e-course on getting started in freelance blogging. I have high hopes for it and me. The first email “homework” was to make a list of what obstacles I thought were holding me back from starting, what possible solutions I could implement, and what my personal due date for these would be.

Not gonna lie, that was a hard assignment. Who likes to admit they are terrified to fail? Or that they fear they are actually too lazy to commit and just want to whine about how they want a different life but don’t want to actually do anything to get there? These are hypothetical questions of course. I mean, those are TOTALLY not what I wrote on my list, and you can’t prove otherwise.

Anyway, it did help, the assignment. It was kinda liberating to actually admit what was in my head on paper (well, computer screen) and then to think about what was in my power to change, and to set a date to hold myself accountable for making the changes. Knowing is half the battle, or whatever, thanks GI Joe. Now I know what I need to work on, mentally, so I can work on growing a business externally.

This whole thing might actually happen. GO ME! No seriously self, go start writing useful samples and get thy butt in gear.

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