Making a List

Day 2 of the e-course. Assignment: complete a check list of stuff and things that I’ll need to grow and maintain a small writing business. Most of the list, I checked off with no problems.I clearly have the hardware to use the software I use to write, and with this blog site, a place to showcase my writing and for people (clients) to find me. I also have a place to write, complete with a dog and hot tea, so that’s taken care of.

There were a few things to research for future use though. Business cards will be easy. Who hasn’t heard of Vista Print? Or even Zazzle if I’m feeling frisky enough to really go crazy with personal design? A mass email provider may prove a bit trickier. There’s one or two I’ve heard of, but I’ve never had cause to use one. And I’ll need to research a time management/ tracking software at some point.

There are a lot of small things like these that I rationally knew I would need, but I’ve spent so much time worrying about what to write about and who to write for that I sort of pushed all the small business running details and housekeeping chores to the back of my brain and just told them to hang out until I get the bigger stuff out of the way. I’m starting to see that these details and chores are the bigger stuff, because without them, ideas or no, I won’t be able to manage any kind of business.

This is why we pay other people to think for us sometimes.

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