Time is on my side…

While setting up my tiny freelance business, I’ve been thinking a lot about time. How to spend it, how to organize it, how to waste it. Right now in my 9-5, my day is pretty well organized. I have set tasks that have daily deadlines, and when I’m done there, I have a normal time I arrive at home. Once I’m there, I have a routine that keeps me occupied until bedtime.

I’m not complaining about my current time allocations overall. They are what they are, and I am working on changing the whole layout of my days to fit with how I want to spend my time, not how I have to arrange my time to spend most of it making money for someone else. Hello freelancing.

What I am saying is, when I think about how I spend the time that I have outside of work, I’m not sure I’m allowing it to fulfill it’s full potential.

Chores, while being, well, chores, are necessary for a healthy, happy home and family. They have and deserve a significant portion of my time when I’m not at work. We all know TV to be a distraction at best, and I don’t watch as much as some people I know (I’m looking at you, hubs) but I can get sucked into a binge vortex like anyone else, and that takes up time I could be writing or reading.

My biggest challenge though is keeping off the interwebs. I know that reading the news and a few blogs and informative articles here and there is not a bad thing. A lot of the information I actively seek out is to learn something, be it personal finance tips, recipes, natural housekeeping tricks, or blogging and writing information. But I still get sucked into cute animal pics, what not to wear after 30 posts, and nail polish trends for fall lists, and that’s where I think I could improve.

I will need to consider this further. Do I want an established schedule, even on my “days off”? Perhaps. I like to make lists and to write down goals for myself. But I also know that I get resentful at schedules and commitments on my time when I am not at work, and telling myself I will only waste time on the internet between 2pm and 220pm on Saturdays will not last long. I tend to rebel against rules that don’t make sense, even my own. I shall have to think on this.

Now, I have a list of the 15 greatest horror movies of 1983 to read.

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